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Puravankara Groups

One of the top publicly traded real estate firms in India with its headquarters in Bengaluru is Puravankara Limited. The business started its incredible journey 47 years ago in 1975 with a clear vision and objective to provide high-quality homes to satisfy the aspirations of countless millions of people.

The company has created two distinct and popular brands in the Indian real estate market during the past four decades (47 years). While the Provident brand is positioned in the premium budget segment, the main brand Puravankara serves the premium end of the market.

With locations in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi, Coimbatore, Mangaluru, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, and Goa as well as the GCC and Sri Lanka, Puravankara is currently present throughout all of India. One of the earliest developers in India to receive FDI in real estate was the firm. This led to a joint venture with "Keppel Land," a development firm owned by the Singaporean government, in 2005.

With inspiration from the greatest in the world, Puravankara specialises in projects with a high level of elegance and theme. The Puravankara Group, with its keen foresight, incorporated cutting-edge technology and the most recent advancements in building science much earlier than was necessary, which sped up the construction process and produced high-quality goods.

totaling about 43 million square feet (both Puravankara and Provident). In contrast, Provident Housing Ltd. (a fully owned subsidiary of Puravankara) was established in 2008 to fulfil the housing dreams of middle-class and first-time buyers. Projects totaling close to 21 million square feet have been started; 12 million of those square feet have been finished and delivered to close to 40000 delighted homeowners. A little bit more than 7 million square feet of new launches are also forthcoming.